Match is a tool by Fastlane which implements a best practice guide for handling certifcates and provisioning profiles in a team.


Core Concepts

Match essentially stores encrypted certifcates inside of a Git repo that we control, when you want to setup your Mac to use our development and production certs, Match downloads them from the Git repo, decrypts them with the encryption key you provide and then installs them in your keychain. It will also handle generation of production and development provisoning profiles for your current project.

Getting Started

Getting your machine setup to be able to start developing or deploying apps is incredibly easy, just follow the steps below.

Repeat the below steps for the following commands based on your needs.

Existing Apps

If you cast your eyes back to the previous section, you’ll see that Fastlane will ask you to enter your bundle identifiers at some point, this can be inferred from your current project by setting up match to work with the project.

Before anything, please ensure you have created an App ID on the member center with a bundle identifier that matches the bundle identifier of your app.

If your project already has a Matchfile then Match has already been setup for your project so you only need to run one of the four commands in the previous section to download the correct provisioning profiles.

If your project doesn’t have a Matchfile then you need to init Match for your project, run the command fastlane match init, you can then proceed with the commands in the above section.